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Branded Club App

Want to create an app that engages all of your club members? Personalise teamo with your club colours, images and logo to give a professional edge to your club communication.

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Availability and Team Selection

Keeping track of your players' availabilities can be a nightmare especially when it comes to selecting a team, why not keep all of this information in one place?

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Fixtures and Events

Struggling to keep track of your player's availability? Organise your fixtures, training sessions, events and players with teamo!

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Collect payments with teamo

Tired of chasing payments? Players can settle match fees by card in one tap or alternatively, captains can record all cash payments in-app!

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Season Statistics

Add Match Results and Player Statistics to your fixtures and get a report of season statistics from the teams across your club, including appearances, goals, and much more.

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Attendance Tracking

Use the Attendance Register and Report to view, track and download your player's availability for your season on both your phone and desktop!

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GDPR compliance

From 25 May 2018 GDPR, the new data protection law comes into action. teamo is a secure central database that can help you stay compliant and dodge a large fine.

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Bespoke Club Registration Form

Use teamo to build your own Club Registration Form to gather all member information via one platform! Save time and paperwork!

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Junior Teams Access

Parents and guardians can either use teamo on behalf of Junior members or can gain access to their accounts so that the whole family is up to date with your club!

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Members Center

Save time and effort on admin this season with a complete club database that is automatically updated. You can even check out your member analytics!

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Payments Center

Tresaurers and admins have access to a full accounts overview with the Payments Center. Keep track of all memberships, match fees and tickets in the one place!

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Team talks aren't just for matchdays. Avoid the hassle of multiple message threads, spread across multiple channels and bring your team closer together with Teamo chats.

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Selection Manager

Use selection manager to organise all of your teams in the run up to match day. Drag and drop available club players between teams.

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Keep the whole club up to date with news, images and videos using the Newsfeed. Perfect for sharing match day photos, videos and results.

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Tired of constantly updating email lists? Use teamoMail to contact entire groups/teams with one unique address.

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Squad Manager

Easily sort your players into their teams and organise your entire club with ease.

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Custom Notifications

Send notifications to any player or group of players linking them directly to a page within the app or any webpage.

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Desktop Access

Prefer to manage your team from your laptop or desktop? Teamo has you covered with our in-app QR scanner.

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Contact Information

teamo securely stores all of your members contact information in-app so you don't have to ask for everyone's contact information at the start of the season.

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No app? No problem!

No app? No problem Have members who do not own a smart phone? They can use our social network log in to access teamo on desktop!

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Email Forwarding

A teamo service that forwards emails sent to personalised club addresses, such as

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