newsfeed on dahsboard for club news


Post updates to the whole club via the newsfeed

With our latest feature you can keep the whole club up to date with news, images and videos. This is perfect for sharing match day photos, videos and results so that everybody can keep track of everything going on in the club, not just their own team. You can even add your twitter account and your instagram account for your whole club to see.

All club members are able to react and share their thoughts on posts with teamo reactions!
To react to a post, tap React and then choose from the following reactions:
👍 (Like) , 🏆 (Win), 🍾 (Quality) , 💪 (Strong), 🤣 (Funny), 😎 (Cool), 👎 (Dislike)

newsfeed posts
make sure your teammates don't miss important information

Got something important to say? Put it on the Newsfeed!

Make sure no one misses out on important information. Messages on Newsfeed will immediately appear on member's dashboards when they open the app.

Head to the Dashboard and tap Write a Post to share news, results, picutres and videos!

Control who has access to post on Newsfeed

Want to restrict who has access to post on the Newsfeed? Head to your Club Details!

Under 18s do not have access to write on the Newsfeed. If you want to put further restrictions in place, you will be able to limit access to Club Admins Only, Committee Members Only, or Captains, Managers/Committee!

Coming Soon :
Users will be able to comment on Newsfeed posts.
Link your newsfeed posts to a teamo event such as a social, fixture or training.

Share photos, videos and gifs with your team.

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