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teamo offer competitive packages for clubs of all sizes.

Our aim is to make it affordable for all clubs to enjoy our great product and the time-saving benefits we offer.

Great Customer Support
Along with a highly functional app and web platform teamo offers 5 star rated customer support.

We put customer experience before profits and so help teamo stay free of annoying adverts we charge a small fee depending on how much of teamo you use.

Free SMS On-boarding
In most countries SMS/text-messages are not free, but we believe SMS authentication gives us a greater level of security and so we pay for your SMS on-boarding and authentication messages.

Unavoidable Merchant Fees
All internet payments come with a premium, either applied by your bank or a payment gateway, teamo has partnered with the 2 cheapest solutions.
We support Stripe (PCI compliant) for credit card payments who charge 1.4% + 20p in Europe, or 2.9% + 20p outside of Europe.
We also support GoCardless (FCA registered) for direct debit payments, who charge 1%+20p (capped at £4.00) per transaction.
teamo make no money from the merchants and adds 1% to cover their costs (min 5p).

Teamo Fees
teamo make no money from the merchants and adds 1% to cover their costs (min 5p).

For a full explanation of all the features please see the features section.

Contact us to discuss the best solution for your club.

Branded Club Mobile App Create your own professional and customised app, including your own logo, images and colours to make the app your own and engage members. Yes Yes Yes
SSL security256bit encryption keeps your data safe 256bit encryption ensures that all data is held in a safe and secure system. Yes Yes Yes
Availability & Team Selection Keep track of player availability and select your team for upcoming fixtures. Yes Yes Yes
Fixtures & Events The Calendar allows all members to keep track of fixtures, training schedules and upcoming social events so they can plan in advance. Yes Yes Yes
Match Stats & Attendance Keep a count of goals, cards, player of the match and more. You can also track player attendance and selection history. Yes Yes Yes
teamoPay Memberships, Match Fees & Tickets Record cash collected, or start accepting credit card or direct debit payments (transaction fees may apply). Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Individual/Team with file and multimedia sharing Chats for all types of communication: Individual, Team, Group and Match Chats which directly linked to the teamsheet and include full game details to remove endless emailing! Share files, send GIFs and pin important chats via Chats. Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Newsfeed With video & photo sharing Share team news, updates, photos and videos via the Newsfeed. Yes Yes Yes
Club Push Notifications Advertise events & urgent messages Custom Notifications allows you to send notifications directly to your members. You can use this feature to direct them to a specific webpage or an in-app page. Yes Yes Yes
teamoMailSend team/club wide emails Send an email to the whole club or any team/group/section via a unique email address- no need to store and maintain email lists. Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Data, video, files and photos Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Club Registration Forms Design and Publish Design and publish your own registration form to collect all member information via one platform. Ask members for additional information such as Emergency Contact, Medical Details, Medical Consent and Declarations. Yes Yes Yes
Juniors & Guardians Built-in Safeguarding Guardians are included in all club communications and can manage their junior's availability on their behalf, as well as being included in all chats, ensuring child protection for Under 18s. Yes Yes Yes
Live Support Chat (In office hours) In-app Support Chat runs during our office hours (Monday-Friday-9am-5:30pm) to allow all members to get in touch with the Support Team if they have any questions. Yes Yes Yes
Members Center Database and Overview Fully GDPR compliant central database and overview which is automatically updated with all member's up-to-date information- no need to update spreadsheets. 1 to 50members
50 - 99members100 - 200members
201 - 500members501 - 2000members
Payments Center Treasurer Accounts Overview Treasurer-friendly Accounts Overview. Save hours with clear view of memberships & match fees collected, and a full accounts overview. Plus real-time reporting of payment status on all captain and managers apps, see membership status on teamsheets. 1 to 50members
50 - 99members100 - 200members
201 - 500members501 - 2000members
Selection ManagerDrag & drop teamsheets Use the Selection Manager on desktop for an overview of availability for upcoming matches and select your squads and move players between so that you get a full squad to each fixture. 1 to 50members
50 - 99members100 - 200members
201 - 500members501 - 2000members
Telephone Support With named Account manager Regular feedback calls with a named Account Manager to report any feedback and solve any issues. No
Website Plugins Upcoming fixtures & more coming soon Show upcoming Fixtures in your teamo Calendar on your Club website. No
(Paid Annually) Helps us to keep teamo ad-free and provide first class customer service.
(Paid Monthly)
£29.99/mthNot Available
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