Use selection manager to organise all of your teams in the run up to match day.

Selection Manager

Make your club administration easier with squad manager.

Selection solved for the whole club!

The selection manager provides a complete overview of your club fixtures and player availability so that you can select the strongest teams week in, week out!

This simple drag and drop display allows you to move players into the team sheet and even move players between teams so that you get a full squad to each fixture.

Not Sure? Select your team and save it as a draft! Come back to your draft at any time and then submit your final team! Players will not recieve notifications or be able to view the draft so you can keep changing it!

After finalising your teams, without leaving the selection manager, why not start a group chat with your selected players? It's also super easy to message individuals if you wanted to let them know why they were moved to a different team!

Selection Manager will now show player's ages if they are U18, so Club Administrators, Coaches and Managers will know the age of players during selection for fixtures.

Check out our video tutorial to see how this is done.


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