Personalise an app for your club

Branded Club App

Want to create an app that engages all of your club members?

Personalise teamo with your club colours, images and logo to give a professional edge to your club communication. It couldn't be easier - teamo scans your club website and google images for your club colours, logo and images. All you have to do is choose your favourite design!

Making your players feel at home in teamo promotes a sense of unity and pride for members representing the club - increasing player engagement.

Check out our video or written tutorials to see how this is done.

brand your club app to improve team management
branded emails and personalised

Tools that make it so easy to edit your app.

Want to change your club branding? Make an edit to your colours, images or logo at any point in the season and your member's teamo app will be updated. Don't worry though, only club admins can personalise your app!

For an even more professional and personalised feel, all teamoMail sent by members of your club comes branded with club logo and colours!

Click here to find out more about how to brand and personalise your account as an Admin!

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