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Payments Center

Club database that is automatically updated by teamo

Cut down your treasurer's time significantly with the Payments Center - the complete club overview for Payments!

Keeping track of payments for sports clubs can be a real headache for treasurers. You can now manage all Club Payments in the one place- teamo's Payments Center!

The Payments Center provides an overview of all members and their Membership Status and Match Fees. Paid, Assigned, and Un-assigned members all appear in the Payments Center. Alongside this Tickets can also be kept track of in the app. Take care of all payments in the one place!

With the ability to search for any field using the Search Box and sort by Product, it is simple to find what you are looking for, no matter the size of your club! Here are some Tips and Tricks! For example, you can search 'Cash' for Cash Payments, 'age:30' to apply age filters, or to search for those who have been 'Assigned' and 'Not Assigned' memberships.

Looking for a quick overview of Club Payments?

Use our mobile version of Payments Center to see a quick overview of Assigned Payments, Paid Payments and the total amount of Money Received so far! This can be filtered by Club Section (e.g. Mens, Ladies, Juniors) or you can choose to see payments from the Whole club!

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Import your members to teamo with this new feature

Edit, assign and send Custom Notifications for payments in one place!

The Payments Center allows admins to take care of all Payments in one place! For any unassigned players, you can Assign players their memberships in the Payments Center. Select multiple players and assign them all the same membership in one-go!

You can also mark a Payment as Paid by another method (e.g. Cash, BACS), change the Concession, Edit the Invoice (with additional notes) or Delete an invoice.

Even use the Payments Center to send Custom Notifications to all players who have been Assigned a membership and not paid yet, or start a Chat with a player from the Payment Center!

Make sure players have paid their membership before they can play! Turn on Membership Status in your payments center to show players who have and have not paid in the team sheet!

Check out our video tutorial to see how this is done.

Click here to find out more about the Payments Center!

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