Use GoCardless To Collect Payments

GoCardless will help you keep costs down and save you time

Teamo works together with GoCardless to allow teams and clubs to collect payments from their members. GoCardless is a BACS approved payment provider which provides a cheap and simple way to collect online Direct Debit payments, transferring the money between your member's bank accounts and your team/club account.

Read on to find out the key benefits of using GoCardless, and read our User Guide for everything you need to know, or head to our FAQ section.

Why GoCardless?

  1. Low Cost Fees - Card transaction fees can cut into profit margins, but with GoCardless there are no cards involved so fees are just 1% + 20p, minimum 20p and capped at £4, meaning even if you are collecting large amounts, you will never be charged more than this.
  2. Reduce Admin - Direct Debit payments have been proven to reduce admin for both the sport club and their members, as the payments are automated and recurring, allowing you to set and forget.
  3. Protection - Direct Debit payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee. This provides members that if the money is taken in error, they can receive a full and immediate refund from their bank, no questions asked.
  4. Be In Control - Direct Debit payments allow you to amend payment amounts and frequency at any time (with member's notified of any changes).

Find out more about GoCardless, their costs, payment cycle & supported currencies here.

Simple Setup

Setting up a GoCardless account for your team or club is straight forward and can be completed in minutes to allow you to start collecting payments from your members.

The only details you need are the Team/Club bank information - account name, number, sort code & billing address. Watch our short video to see how easy it is!


Create Your Products

Once your GoCardless Account is created you can create products which will allow you request payments from your members! There a variety of product options - Memberships, Match Fees & Tickets - and with the flexible membership system that teamo offers, you can setup one-off, recurring payments or concessions to suit all member needs!

Making A Payment

When members make their first payment, they can easily setup an account with GoCardless in seconds which creates a Direct Debit authorisation to the team/club. The next time members make a payment, they can use the existing authorisation to pay. No need to setup on GoCardless again or re-enter your bank account details!

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