Parents and guardians can use teamo on behalf of junior members.

Junior Teams Access

Full access for parents and guardians

Manage the whole family's sporting schedules in one app! Parents and guardians can now co-manage junior club members' availabilities and more.

Even if the junior members have mobile phones, family members can still access the team's fixtures, newsfeed and chats so that even Grandma is kept up to date!

Existing teamo clubs: click here to see how to upgrade your juniors to full parent/guardian accounts

Parents and guardians can manage junior member accounts
Communicate with your team and parents

All player and guardian info at your finger tips

With the ability to connect multiple family members and players to the same app, teamo can cater to all types and sizes of family!

Family relationships are summarised in this simple view (left). Therefore managers/captains always know exactly who they're talking to and how the contacts are connected to the club.

Contact information of junior club members is only made available for coaches, managers and their parents!

Parents/guardians are automatically copied into chats with their children.

To ensure child protection, any individual, group or team chat between club members over the age of 18 and junior members will copy in the linked parent or guardian.

teamo displays the relationship of any parents/guardians who participate in the chat to ensure there's never any confusion!

Record match stats for your team
Record match stats for your team

Report chats for misconduct

In any chat, all participants have the ability to report the chat to club admins, welfare officers and the teamo support team.

This ensures that misconduct does not go unnoticed and is addressed by the relevant figures of authority in your club.

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