Why teamo?

teamo is the future of club communication. All club management in one single app.

Register today for your personalised app with

  • Secure database
  • Managed e-mail system
  • Instant messaging
  • Fixtures
  • Availability and selection
  • Collect and manage payments

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Why do you need my personal details?

Your details are needed to populate your club's database.

We can assure you that our teamo database is totally secure.

I cannot remember my Sportplan password?

Either reset your password from the link on the registration page.

Or send us a message about the issue here.

How do I personalise my app?

To customise your app, you must go to the Settings tab.

Then go to Manage Club, and tap Edit Club Images.

Then tap Add/Edit Logo and you can choose to Smart Download or Upload image from phone.

You can do the same for the cover image.

Customise App

Have my club already signed up?

You can find out if your club have already signed up by sending us a quick message.

Just click here.

How do I find my club's registration page?

Looking for your club's personalised registration page?

A link to this should have been sent by your Club Manager or Captain.

But get in touch here and we'll send you the link!

Registration is telling me my mobile number is invalid?

Make sure you input your number correctly. Please also make sure you are not trying to input your number with the area code. The area code is already there depending on the country you select. E.g. In the UK, if your number is 07000000000, then the +44 is already there and you type 7000000000.

If you are still having issues it is possible we have yet to launch in your country. Congratulations on being the first! To get set up please message our Development Team using the link below, make sure to detail the issue and your country of residence.

Click Here

What happens after I register?

You will be sent an SMS message to your registered mobile number.

Simply click the link to be bounced to your app store and download teamo.

How do I get the app?

Click here to download the app.

The teamo app doesn't recognise my mobile number?

To sign up within the app you will first need to register via your club's personal registration site.

A link to this should have been sent by your Club Manager or Captain.

(For help finding your link, send us a message here.)

What is an SMS activation code?

As a measure of security we verify all users with a unique mobile activation code.

Once you have entered your mobile number you will be sent an SMS message containing a 5 digit code.

Simply enter this into the app and you're away.

Why am I not part of my team?

Once you have successfully registered your club manager or captain will assign you to the correct team.

You will then be able to see all relevant contacts, chats and fixtures for your team.

Can I use teamo without the app?

You do not need to have downloaded the app in order to get involved with your club in teamo! You can use teamo on a web browser.

Follow this link in order to connect to your club's teamo with your chosen social network.

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