Where can I review and download the members answers of the custom club registration form?

Head to the Members Center on the Desktop Version of teamo

Select Review Reg. Form

Filter the answers by the different categories

You can even download different sections of the form

How do I add Privacy Policy onto my registration form?

Head to Settings

Tap Manage Club.

Edit Club Details

Scroll down to the Club Registration form setup and tap Add Question.

Tap Sections and select Privacy Policy

From here you can design your own Club's Privacy Policy

How do I add a question from the registration form?

Go to Settings Manage Club.

Manage Club Details .

Edit Club Details.

Scroll down to Club Registration Form Setup.

Click Add Question

Add a question to Regerstration Form

How do I remove a question from the registration form?

Go to Settings Manage Club.

Manage Club Details .

Edit Club Details.

Scroll down to Club Registration Form Setup.

Click Review Registration Questions

Select the question you would like to delete.

Scroll to the bottom of the page, there will be a Delete Question tab. Select Yes and the question will be removed from the form.

Remove a question

How do I make my registration form go live?

Go to the Registration Setup Form

Tap Preview Questions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Select the Yellow Tab saying Toggle All Live

A Green Live sign will appear in each question box.

Live Registration Form

How do I turn off a live question??

Head to club Registration for Set Up

Tap Review Registration Questions .

Select the Question you want to remove from being Live.

Tap the three dots on the right hand-side of the question .

Tap the small green switch

Now the question is not live and not able to be viewed by members

Turn off live question

How do I add teamo Suggested Questions to my Registration Form?

Go to Club Registration for Setup.

Click Use Teamo Suggested Questions.

Click on desired question

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Copy to Club Registration Form.

A success pop up will appear

Select Ok.

Go back to preview your Registration Form and the suggested question will appear.

Use teamo Suggested Questions

How can I create a management or committee group?

Firstly, head to Settings.

Select General

Manage Club.

Edit Teams/Groups

Select New Group/Team

Enter your Group/Team Name for example Committee

Email Prefix, Custom Icon Initials.

Under the Group Type Select Management.

Then add your committee members

How can I re-arrange/reorder my club structure?

Head to Settings

Tap Edit teams/groups.

You can drag and drop teams into your desired structure.

Then confirm the option to either go below or inside a separate club/section.

How can I re-arrange my club structure?

How do I add my team's league, competition or cup to teamo?

In Teams select the team for which you wish to add this information.

Tap Edit > Add Competition.

Fill out the form.

Add competition

How do I edit the appearance of my teamo?

If you wish to change the club images and club branding you must go to the Setting tab.

Scroll to Manage Club.

You can then tap Edit Club Images to change your club logo and banner image.

Tap Edit Club Branding to change your app colours.

App design

How do I change a team's icon colour?

In Teams or View All Groups/Teams, select a team.

Tap Edit.

Tap Colour.

Select your colour.

Your team's icon colour will now be changed!

Team icon colour

How can I connect the clubs twitter and/or instagram to teamo?

Go to Settings.

Select Manage Club.

Edit Club Details.

Select Edit Club Details

Insert the Twitter orInstagram Handle

For example, @teamo_chat

Add a question to Twitter onto my Teamo Account

How can I control who posts on the Newsfeed?

Head toSettings then Manage Club

Tap Edit Club Details.

Scroll down to Newsfeed Permissons

Select the type of members you would like to have access to post on the newsfeed.

New team chat

How do I add a team photo?

Head to Contact Select Teams then select the team you want to add a photo to.

Tap Add Team Picture.

Choose either Take Photo or Choose Photo.

Once your photo is selected, adjust the size and select Done.

You will also be given the option to share your new team photo onto your newsfeed!

Team icon colour

What is the difference between managers, captains and players?

Managers, captains and players all have the same teamo access apart from the following.

Managers and Captains can create fixtures for their team or section.

Managers and captains can view team member's contact details.

Managers and captains can review members in their respective sections/teams.

Managers and captains can also start team chats from the team page.

How do I change my teams or roles?

Go to Settings.

Tap My Profile

Tap the blue icon.

Tap on any team to become a member of it.

Tap P, M or C to assign the role you have in that team.

Change your team or role

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