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Posted on September 13th 2018 by Jessie Hood

How teamo Can Help School Sports Clubs This Term

The hectic start of the school term has begun! Pupils are trying out different sports; teachers need to keep track of attendance; and parents are trying to keep tabs on where their kids need to be and when!

So, here is how teamo can take care of communication between teachers, pupils and parents and give everyone a helping hand to manage the mayhem in a safe and secure way!

Teachers can access all the information they need at their fingertips!

Read on to find out more about some of our features that can help teachers organise their sports clubs!

  1. Emergency Contact Details and Medical Information
  2. When members register all of their emergency contact details and medical information will be stored so teachers can keep all this information in their pockets!

  3. Attendance Register
  4. Use the teamo attendance register for training sessions to mark and keep track of those who attended sessions.

  5. Communicate via Chats , Newsfeed and teamoMail
  6. Communicate with your pupils and keep them up to date through group chats, post updates and news on the Dashboard or send a group email!

Here is what one of our teachers has to say about using teamo:

The ability to contact parents and players with ease makes it easier to select teams. It also allows each person who joins the ability to select whether they are a player or parent or guardian making it easier for parents. - Mr Donovan (Springwood High School)

How parents can manage their child's account!

Parents and Guardians have full access to their juniors account to ensure Child Protection and Safeguarding of school children.

  1. Junior/Guardian Feature
  2. Parents can have more than one child connected to their account so this means that parents can manage their accounts and enter availability of behalf of their children.

  3. Communication
  4. Parents can share news, results and match day photos via the Newsfeed. They will also be included in all group and team chats to make sure they never miss any information!

  5. Fixtures and Availability
  6. Manage your junior's availability and keep up to date with training sessions and matches.

How to get pupils organised?

  1. Get Organised
  2. If pupils have downloaded the app, they will be able to see their upcoming fixtures or training sessions allowing them to plan ahead and organise their kit.

  3. Communicate with your class mates
  4. Pupils will also be able to communicate to their classmates through group chats, view posts on the Newsfeed and receive group emails from the teacher! All parents will be copied into any group chat the junior is in.

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