Using teamoMail

Use teamoMail and you'll never have to update or maintain your email lists again! Read on to find out how.

teamoMail allows you to send emails to any group or team within your whole club using one unique email address. As soon as the teams or groups are changed, so are the teamoMail lists; you no longer have to update your email lists weekly!

teamoMail can only be sent from emails registered to your club in teamo. This will ensure that you only receive relevant email addresses and no spam!

All teamoMail is branded with club colours and images to give your club that professional edge.

Sending to individual teams/groups

To view a team's unique teamoMail address simply go to:

  • Contacts > Teams > Select Team
  • In the "Team Messaging Options" you will find the team email address.
  • If you are admin you will be able to "View all groups/teams" on the teams page to send to any team or group!

You also have the option to "Email Team" direclty from the app.

Sending to an entire club section

If you have set up club sections in your teamo structure, you may wish to email the entire Men's or junior section!

To view the unique mail address follow the same steps as above.

Only managers of the club section and club admins have the permission to send emails to whole club sections. These emails go to all members of the teams/ groups that come under this club section.

Sending to the whole club

Occasionally you will want to email all members of the club, as you may expect the club email address can be found in the same place as shown above.

Only managers of the club group and club admins have the permission to send emails to all club members.

To change your club structure or add more teams check out this video tutorial.

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