Inviting your members

So you've created your club on teamo, now your club needs some players! Here's how to add them...

In the app:

Just head to the contacts tab on your teamo app and tap the '+' sign in the top right corner. You’ll find 3 ways you can invite your members:

  1. Recommended: invite phone contacts - select this and teamo will send a free text to as many phone contacts as you like asking them to download the teamo app and register for your club.
  2. Get shareable link: add this link an email, text or any club comms and ask your teams to click and register online.
  3. Invite individuals: add new members one by one. Just add their first name, last name and mobile number. They'll be sent a free text message asking them to download teamo and register.


On desktop:

You can import all your players in one go from an excel file:

  • Grab your laptop or PC, fire up your browser (internet explorer/chrome/firefox/safari etc.) and head to and follow the instructions on screen to login on desktop.
  • On desktop click Setting > Manage Club > Member's center
  • Just select "Import Contacts" and choose your excel file to upload.This must contain name and email address, phone number is optional.

You can also send invites to anyone in your database who has not yet registered with your club and to these players you have just imported:

  • Click the "Send Invites" button to the right of your screen.
  • Edit the email or accept the message we’ve written for you and push send. Your players will receive an email prompting them to register with your club on teamo

You can also check out our video tutorial for inviting your players here.

If you would like more assistance or have any questions please fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will be in touch.

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