Upgrading Parent - Guardian Accounts

Family members can now link their accounts. Here's how..

Parents/guardians will have full access to their children's account(s) and will be copied into all messages they send/receive. Admins will have access to contact details for parents/guardians but not for the junior member.
More info on Parent/Guardian accounts here

Sound good? Here's how to get your members on these new accounts:

New sign ups

Just invite your members! When new U18 members register on teamo they will be prompted to enter details for their parent(s)/guardian(s).

Existing members

Do you already run a junior team on teamo? To date, your parents/guardians may have signed up to teamo on behalf of their junior, here's how to switch them onto the new account.

We're going to send a notification asking all junior players to update their parent/guardian details:

  1. You'll need to access teamo from a desktop, so grab your laptop or computer and head to web.teamo.chat in your browser.
  2. Go to Settings > Manage Club > Members Center > Custom Notifications
  3. Select all of your junior members on the left hand side
    Hint: You can use the search to search for 'under 18 no guardian' to filter the correct members to target.
  4. Write your message. Something like:
    "Please tap to update your parent/guardian details"
  5. Select 'Add guardian details prompt' in the box marked 'Link to web address or screen in app or start chat'
  6. Click send notifications! Click continue to confirm the number of notifications and that's it.
    Your selected users will be sent a notification - when they tap this they will be guided through how to update details for the parent and guardian.

Need help? Contact susang@teamo.chat

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