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Posted on August 30th 2018 by Jessie Hood

Teamo: Helping Universities Prepare For The Semester!

Feeling ready for the semester? Take a look at how teamo can help university sports teams and committee members prepare for the new semester and freshers week before the students come back.

1. Organise Your Committee

Organising a group of university students is no mean feat. Arranging fixtures & training; reminding players; dealing with availability; and communicating with sponsors can all be daunting tasks. So make sure you work together, set responsibilities and even get in touch with your Athletics/Sports Union as they will help with branding, kit and promotions that are needed during freshers week to get your club noticed!

2. Freshers Fair Coming Up Soon?

Get rid of your sign up sheets and start using teamo to collect all of your members data! Prepare your Registration Forms in advance so when freshers or newcomers sign up and register, all their details will automatically be updated in the system! Invite Contacts or Share Your Registration Link so newcomers can do it on the go whilst walking around the fair!

3. Get Your fixtures And Social Dates Ready!

Add in your fixtures before the semester starts to see who is available for taster and freshers sessions! This will also allow newcomers to plan in advance to make sure they come down to sessions!

Here is what one of our university captains think about using teamo for fixtures and socials:

We previously used Facebook to organise availability and social events. Having a separate app which isn't an email either is helpful as we don't lose track of club events in the midst of all other Facebook and email updates. - Yumann (Kings College Hockey Club).

4. Communicate With Your Team

Why not start a Group or Team Chat Or post updates, videos or photos of trainings, matches or socials on the newsfeed for all members to see. See what Neil President of the University of Liverpool Men's Rugby Club think about using teamo for communications!

We moved from a club that largely uses Facebook for its communications and the ease of Teamo for notifying injuries, absences and availability has made it irreplaceable! - Neil (University of Liverpool Mens Rugby Union Club)

5. Set Up Your Team Products Beforehand

Sports fees? Memberships? Fines? Match Fees? Get all of your products set up in advance so when members are ready they can purchase them! You can also set up tickets for training sessions and social events so members can reserve their space on a first come first serve basis!

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