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Posted on October 10th 2018 by Matt Morrison

Stay Motivated For The Season Ahead

The end of the season probably seems a long way off but to ensure we all maintain a high level of performance throughout the season, the key is to stay motivated. Here's a few tips to help your side stay on track throughout the year:

Mix-Up Training

Whether your team trains once or three times a week, don't let players get bogged down with repetitive sessions. Keep them on their toes with new ideas. Introduce new rules to your training games, start the session with a new warm up with a different shaped ball, or ditch the ball and take them for a fitness session.

Struggling for new ideas for your training sessions? Take a look at Sportplan, to explore the latest coaching practices across multiple sports.

Create and Maintain Communication

Create an open environment with your players and teammates, as this is a likely recipe for success. Even if you've got a weekend without a game, keep your group talking by posting about your sports latest topics or what's happening on the pitch at a professional level. Make all players feel like their constantly involved in your team environment by maintaining a consistent level of communication.

Teamo Chat is the perfect way to maintain regular contact with your players; chat with individuals, create groups and even share videos or gifs to keep everyone engaged.

To watch our video tutorial on using chats, click here.

Organise Team Bonding Activities

Looking for the best way to celebrate a good result or pick your team up from a challenging period on the pitch, why not schedule a social event for your team. This could be a day out on a non-playing weekend or an evening occasion after a game.

Improving team cohesion and relationships between players off the pitch, will mean players begin to motivate each other on the pitch, giving the coach a bit of time off from being the main motivator.

Use Teamo Calendar to schedule your team event now. Get your social event in the diary before your players are double booked!

To watch our video tutorial on creating fixtures and events, click here.

Set Short Term Goals

Every team's end of season goal is to win as many games as possible and finish as high up the league table as possible or maybe even lift a bit of silverware. Make these long term goals more achievable by setting yourself or players short term targets to achieve. For example challenge your team to concede no more than 2 goals in the next 3 games or an individual to score at least 3 tries in the next 3 games. Motivating players to reach short term targets will positively influence the long term goals.

Good luck for the season ahead and why not try give one of these tips a go or take a look at Sportplan and see if it makes a difference to your season.

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