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Posted on July 24th 2018 by Jessie Hood

NEWEST UPDATE: Create and Personalise your Registration Forms now!

New Update: Design and Build your own Registration Form for your club now!

Why you should create your own registration form!

Registering members for your club can take up a lot of time of volunteers, now teamo has found a way to make the experience better for everyone, now gathering everyone's information and store it in one place. Making it more accessible and efficient for Admin and Managers.

Being able to have access to player Medical and Emergency information is always crucial for any sports manager. Now it is even more handy and accessible all with a touch of a button! The personalised registration form offers so much for every club, and the range of questions can include player specific details including position, years of experience and for guardians emergency contact and volunteering based questions.

Now with the new data protections laws already in action and affecting any organisation that hold onto multiple copies of citizens data in the EU like your sports club, you will have to consider how and why you hold this information about your members. Luckily, teamo is here to help!

For more details head to our GDPR features page.

Preview: Members will view this on their desktop and/or phone when they are asked to input their information in one process.

Where to build and create your own Registration Form?

  1. For Admins head over to teamo Settings on your Phone or Desktop.
  2. Tap Manage Club.
  3. Tap Edit Club Details.
  4. Scroll down to the Club Registration Form Set Up.
  5. Tap Add Question to get you started!

You can even use Teamo Suggested Questions on Ethnicity, Disability, Declarations and add them to your Registration Forms! For more details of the different questions and sections you can include head to our features page.

That's it! Start personalising your own club questions now!

Is there a feature you and your club think would be helpful? Please feel free to email support@teamo.chat or fill out a feedback form.

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