What's the difference between teamo roles?

Have a look through our features to see what your club admin, managers, captains and players can access!

To change a member's role in teamo; select the member from the contacts page and then at the bottom of their profile, tap the icon to edit their teams/roles.

If you are looking to become a club admin or make another member a club admin the please get in touch with the support team in-app or at support@teamo.chat

Admin Manager/Captain Player
View team/club fixtures
Calendar sync
Confirm availability
View availability
Share fixtures via Facebook, email and more
Manage player availability
Assign non-player roles in a team
Create fixtures/events
Add competition links
Team selection
Record match stats
Start individual/group chats
Start team/event chats
Contact support chat
Desktop Access
Use teamoMail
View contact info
Invite members
View all club teams
Edit club details
App branding
Organise club structure
Access membership database ✔ (club section managers only)
Use squad manager ✔ (club section managers only)
Use selection manager ✔ (club section managers only)
Send custom notifications ✔ (club section managers only)
Make payments via teamo
Mark off cash payments
Manage club payment accounts
Create match fee and membership products
Create concession prices
Assign match fee concessions
View team payments
View treasurer reports

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