Set club membership and subscription fees

Creating a club membership/subscription product

To create a product you will need to go to:

  • Settings > Manage Club > Manage Club Products > New Product
  • You may then be asked to define your current season dates.
  • Then select Membership to be taken to the Create Product page.
  • You can either create a one off payment membership or if you switch on Pay in instalments; you can select the number and frequency of payment instalments for your club membership.
  • Including a Card Charge can be helpful to cover the cumulative transaction charge (2.4% +20p) from Stripe (1.4%+20p) and teamo (1%, min 5p), however this is completely up to you.
  • You can also include a VAT charge here, if applicable.
  • Setting a Limited time period is often used when you either have a deadline or if you wish to create an earlybird price for your product.
  • You can create concession prices for students, substitutes etc. There is no limit on the amount of concessions you create!
  • Finally Save New Product

Collecting club memberships and subscriptions

  • Settings > Manage Club > Manage Club Products > Teams requiring Membership
  • If you haven't already done so you will be asked to select a due date before going on to tick which groups this membership applies to.
  • If you have created more than one membership product, you can assign each player in your team their respective membership. To do this, please go to Settings > Team Payments > Team > Membership. Tap on the relevant player then Set Membership and choose from the options.
  • Your players will have now been notified of these invoices created and be able to view and pay via Settings > My Payments

Editing Invoices

In the event of players only playing half a season or if they pick up an injury, you can edit an invoice for an individual. To do this, go to the Team Memberships page (as above) and tap on the relevant player then Edit Invoice.

Marking off players as paid by cash

You are able to mark off players who pay their membership by cash. To do this, please go to:

  • Settings then tap Team Payments
  • Select your Team and tap Memberships
  • Now tap the Player and then Paid Cash

Check out how to set up your club stripe account, match fees or alternatively, watch our video tutorials.

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