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Posted on June 28th 2018 by Susan Graham

The App for Everyone - From Teams of 5 to Clubs of 2000 members

teamo offers an "all-in-one" management system designed to reduce admin tasks, boost member engagement, and solve communication problems associated with running a sports team or club.

teamo caters for teams and clubs of all sizes and age groups, to best fit your team's needs. Here, we share some of our key functionalities helping to make volunteers lives easier, and include some of our smaller and larger club's views on teamo.

Make teamo your own in minutes

Whether you are a 5 a-side team, or a club managing over a thousand members, you can set your app up in minutes, including your own club's logo and colours to make the app your own.

Everything is in one place, the app looks smart and the support is fantastic!
(Brian Sullivan, Blackhall Cricket Club)
I think the app is perfect for what we need. It looks professional and will save us loads time gaining availability.
(John Robertson, Gosport & Fareham RFC / Vikings)

Give volunteers their time back

Referred to as an 'organisation life saver', teamo allows members to complete online registration forms and payments via one GDPR compliant platform to reduce the amount of time volunteers spend on admin.

It is a one stop for all my needs in managing my team
(Robert, Jeppe Orienteering)

Member's information is automatically synced to the Member's Center which provides an overview of all member information.

Very easy to manage and keep track of all information. Requires me to send a lot less emails and it's instant communication.
(Brian Ebert, Brace YMCA)

Boost Member Engagement

Member engagement can be an issue for many teams and clubs. Teamo provides various ways to communicate with your teams such as teamoMail, Chats and Custom Notifications so you can make sure that your member's are kept up to date with team and clubs news!

We really love the app, we've tried other lines of communication including social media and Pitchero, but this is the first time we feel that everyone in the team is fully connected on a simple, easy to use platform.
(John Robertson, Gosport & Fareham RFC / Vikings)
Easy to use, tutorials and one to one support available... really recommend it to anyone running a club who's fed up of constantly chasing players!
(Coach, Bury Bulldogs Basketball Team)

With our Junior Feature, guardians are included in all club communications and can manage their junior's availability on their behalf, as well as being included in all chats, ensuring child protection for Under 18s.

Parents love teamo as it has everything they need and it is easy to use
(Kieron Hume, Lauderdale YFC)

Manage Selection and Availability with ease

From managing your team's availability on the go via the app, or using the Selection Manager on desktop to select 5 squads for the upcoming weekend, teamo has availability and selection covered!

Selection Manager is a game changer
(Committee Member, Surbiton HC)
Selection Manager
Adopting teamo across our whole club has streamlined team selection and player availability no end.
(5* App Store Review, Vikings Dodgeball)

Download teamo today to improve your club communication each week!


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