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Posted on Febraury 13th 2019 by Susan Graham

5 Reasons To Switch Your Club & Membership Management Online

The UK population spends an average of 24 hours/week online - using financial services, purchasing the weekly food shop, & reading the daily news have all become regular online activities so why should managing your sports club membership be any different?

We take a look at why you should make the move from paper-based admin to an online all -in-one club management and membership system to save time & money for both your committee and members.

1. Time Saver

Volunteers spend endless hours managing their sports clubs but with an online membership system, you can cut this time down significantly.
All member information is automatically logged in your club database upon registration, so there is no need to transfer data across from a paper copy (which is also not secure). It's quick and easy for your members too - they can register at any point and any time - no need to wait to fill in a form and send it away in the post- it's instant!

2. Accurate Data

Online membership forms allows you to gain accurate, live data. Information is seamlessly stored in your club database so no mistakes can be made when transferring information from a printed form into the database.
All member's data is 100% accurate and if a member's details change at any point, they can simply update the information themselves - no need to email admins to let them know of the changes.

3. Single, Secure Platform

Membership management systems for sports clubs allow all of your member's details to be held in a safe, secure database. Rather than committee members using different platforms to manage different aspects of the club, all club information is in one place. Membership info, financial reports, availability & attendance records for the season, can all be viewed in a player's profile.
Online membership management systems also help you to ensure that you are complying with the GDPR Regulations that came into place in May 2018.

4. Money Matters

Using an online membership system allows you to collect payments via secure online payment gateways such as Stripe & GoCardless. Members can conveniently pay upon registration and receive a receipt of payment straight away - it's as easy as their online shopping! No more cheques "going missing" in the post or waiting for cash payments - online collection of memberships and match fees is proven to increases revenue for your club.

5. Instant Communication

With your members information stored in an online database, it removes the need to store and maintain email lists. A unique email address for each club section & team allows you to send emails in seconds to your relevant members. Custom Notifications also provide instant communication, allowing you to ping messages directly to your member's phone.

Interested in moving your Club Management & Membership online? Find out more here.

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