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Posted on November 1st 2019 by Jessie H

October 2019 - What's New?

Take a look at the latest features and updates to teamo this month:

My Payments Banner on Dashboard

Members will now see a new My Payments banner on their dashboard. This will allow players to settle any overdue payments in a tap and will be the first thing they see when they open the app! To access My Payments click on the banner, this will now indicate not only overdue memberships but also overdue match fees or tickets too!

GoCardless Pending Transaction Dates

GoCardless will now start processing transactions 5 to 7 working days before a payment is due, depending on the members bank. The means money is withdraw on the specified date a member has selected. Members will now see Pending state in My Payments, this will then appear are Paid once the clubs have received the funds!

Adding a Name to a Mandate

When creating a mandate, members will now be able to Name or Reference a mandate that will remind them which bank account it is linked to.

Teamo 2.0 Features Update

We are continuously working hard on the development of Teamo 2.0. We will keep you updated as upgrades go live. We are also continually adding features to our brand new integrated Help Center - take a look here!

Is there a feature you and your club think would be helpful? Please feel free to email support@teamo.chat or fill out a feedback form.

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