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Posted on November 1st 2020 by Susan Graham

What's New: November 2020 Product Updates

Make your match selection seamless this month with the new Selection Manager! This is just one of the many updates and features which has been added to Teamo over the last month.

NEW: Selection Manager

Selection Manager allows you to organise your teams in just a few clicks. You can view availability across multiple teams, select your teams as a draft and then set the team sheet live nearer game day.

NEW: Add Note to Available Responses

You can now turn on "Prompt for note if available" in the Advanced Settings of a fixture. Sometimes, players are only available for home games but not away games, or can play early in the day but not later. This will allow your players to add a note to their availability.

NEW: Assign Event Roles

When editing a member's event role, you can now assign them a specific role within an event, allowing them manager/captain access to that particular event. This is helpful for a captain if they are ill one day and need to hand over their captain's rights for a match, or maybe there is a junior training camp that has a coach from another age group and they need access to emergency contact information.

NEW: Advanced Search Options in the Member's Center

Due to popular demand, we have added in some useful tools to the Member's Center to allow you to find the exact information you need easily. You can now search for all players over, under or between a certain age, and use gender to find the information you need.

NEW: Manage Member's App Versions

A new report in the Member's Center allows you to view your club members app versions. There have been lots of updates over the past few weeks so it's important that your uses are all up-to-date with the latest version. Simply check the box to select the users you would like to prompt to upgrade and send the notification.

NEW: Teamsheet/Availability Designs

The team sheet and availability lists have been re-designed to make it easier for you to view who has paid/not paid with the membership status indicators.

Chats updates

  • There have been many updates to chats which now has seamless scrolling, allowing you to easily look back through your chats.
  • Plus, we have added in gesture control message replies, making it easy to swipe and reply to a specific message.
  • GIPHY's are back too - you can now communicate with your team using GIFs!

Attendance updates

When taking the attendance register, you can now sort the Attendance list by First Name rather than surname so it is easier to find and mark off your players when they turn up to training.

Sub-Section Manager updates

Sub-section managers can now view the Selection Manager for their sub-section and can also view section calendars in the dropdown menu of the Calendar.

Turn off New Team Notifications

When assigning a member to a new team, you can now choose to turn off notifications. This means that the player will not be notified of the new squad or group that they have been added to.

Take a look and please get in touch and share your comments with us - we love to hear from you!

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