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Posted on July 8th 2021 by Susan Graham

What's New: July 2021 Product Updates

Our latest updates include changes to how you set up a new season in Teamo. Read on to find out more about all our updates this month.

NEW: Setting up a new season

Creating a new season allows you to start collecting membership subscriptions for the following year by copying your products over, as well as copying all teams, groups and player data across.
We have put together a handy help guide which explains the steps you need to take in order to successfully set up your new season in the app. Take a look and download it here.

NEW: Homepage

We've recently launched our new homepage which includes all the tools and functions available to help you manage your club through Teamo.
Head to the following link to check it out as you may not be aware of all the features we have to offer!

Concession Updates

  • Edit concession list- You can now remove any unwanted concessions or edit concession names via Manage Club Products > Menu > Edit Concession List.
  • Treasurer only concessions - We have now added a treasurer only option to concessions. This will allow you to make the main product visible to members but you can hide other concessions (e.g. you may want to assign sibling discounts or resting player fees manually rather than giving this option to members).

Membership Product Update

Another new feature to products is the Join after purchase option. This means that members will automatically be placed in a group once completing the purchase. Similarly, you can set multiple teams as an option here if you want members to be able to choose a group to sign up to once they have paid for a membership.
This is useful if you are running extra sessions e.g. summer hockey and want anyone who pays for a summer hockey membership to automatically go into the Summer Hockey group you have created rather than manually allocating them to a team.

Team Season Stats

Team Season Stats is finally available in the new version of the app. Via the Teams Page, you can easily view how many games your team has won, drawn and lost.

Season Switch Toggles

We have added season switches in multiple places (Season Stats, Attendance Reports & Team Payments) which will allow you to easily view information from previous seasons.

That's all for now! We love to hear your feedback so please get in touch and share your comments!

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