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Posted on December 1st 2020 by Susan Graham

What's New: December 2020 Product Updates

There were plenty of new features and updates added to Teamo this month including FitLeague - our latest feature - that allows you to stay connected with your team whilst keeping fit and motivated at the same time!

NEW: FitLeague

Our latest feature, FitLeague, allows you to stay fit and keep connected with your team at times when you can't be together! Set up a FitLeague for your team today to track your team activity and see who tops your FitLeague.

Teamo FitLeague is designed to bring everyone together and be a reason to keep working hard. You can track your own progress and see how you compare on the leaderboard to stay motivated when you know others are making the effort too.

Head to the Help Center to find out more and create a FitLeague for your team.

NEW: PlaySafe Manager check in

Managers can now check-in players on their behalf when using the Attendance Register. This new feature will allow captains, coaches and managers to ensure that they have a correct list of who has attended sessions for track and trace purposes.

If for any reason a player has not checked in, a manager can now do this on their behalf and the check in will appear on the report that can be easily downloaded and sent to national governing bodies.

NEW: Broadcast Conversations

New broadcast conversations will allow you to now create a conversation of sent messages so you can re-use the conversation list and get delivery receipts on all messages too.

We are hoping to develop this new feature further too and soon, it will also allow you to send attachments with broadcast messages.

NEW: Teams Design

Some of you may have noticed that there is no longer a Teams tab and instead, there is a Teams popup at the bottom of The Club tab.

This allows you to easily navigate to and view your teams. Find your team email address, competition links, or check the FitLeague leaderboard in seconds!

Event updates

Looking to add players from a different section into a squad for a one off game or training session? Section managers can search the whole club when inviting people to events. For example, this means that you can now easily search for a Junior player and add them into a Men's/Ladies game one weekend, even if they aren'y part of that section on Teamo.

Further updates

  • Connection improvements - The development team have been working hard to improve connection across the app.
  • Reference ID column added to Memberships - Before, you could only view Reference ID's in the Reports section but this has now been added to the Membership column options in the Payments Center too.
  • Incomplete Registration Information pop up - if members have required questions unanswered, a pop up will now appear each time they open the app.
  • That's all for now! We love to hear your feedback so please get in touch and share your comments!

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