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Posted on September 5th 2018 by Susan Graham

August 2018 - What's New?

Take a look at the latest features and updates to teamo this month:

Upgraded Section Calendar (1.7.4)

  • We have added Training Sessions to Section Calendar and you can now load events for any time in the future and the past!
  • As a Section Manager (e.g. Junior Co-ordinator), you can now view Events for both Fixtures and Training Sessions using the Section Calendar. Click into Events to view who is attending a match or session and you can also edit the Event details (e.g. Time & Location).
  • To view the Section Calendar, head to Calendar, tap the Section (e.g. Ladies) or 3 lines Tab next to the Calendar Tab. (If you can't see this and think you should be able to- contact your Club Admin so they can make you a Section Manager!)

  • Make Membership Payment Status Visible to Captains/Managers (1.7.1)

  • No Pay, No Play!
  • Captains & Managers can now see a Member's Payment Status on a Member's Profile, before selecting them for a game, and when setting match fees! A Dot will appear on each member's profile to show whether someone has Paid or not.
  • Green Dot = Paid!
  • Grey Dot = Not Paid, but no membership has been assigned
  • Red Dot = Payment Due but not Paid yet!
  • When assigning Match Fees, you can also see a member's Membership Product and assign match fees accordingly - for example some Membership Products may make player's exempt from paying Match Fees!
  • To turn this feature on, head to Settings > Manage Club > Payments Center and click Whole Club. On the Right Hand Panel, take a look at Membership Status Settings and select the Club Sections you want to make membership status visible for Captains/Managers.

  • Captain Access to Club Section Features (1.7.4)

    Captains are now able to access the following:
  • Section Calendar - Captains are able to view games and squads for all other matches in their Section!
  • Squad Manager (Desktop) - Captain's can view all squads in their Club Section but will only have the ability edit their own team!
  • Selection Manager (Desktop) - Captain's can view an overview of all other Team Selections but will only have the ability to edit their own team.

  • Draft Team Selection & Assign Positions (1.7.0)

    Selection Manager

    Want to make some adjustments to teams throughout the week before sending Selection out to players? You are now able to do this via the Fixture or using the Selection Manager.

    Use the Selection Manager to order your Players by Position on the teamsheet and add Positions/Numbers by tapping the right hand side of the box and entering your text.

    Edit your Member's Shirt Numbers (1.7.2)

    Admins are now able to Edit their Member's information via the Member's Center on Desktop. To do this, head to Settings > Manage Club > Members Center. Click on a Member's Name and an Edit option will appear in the top right corner. Tap here to edit a Player's Name, Birthday, Shirt Number & Position.

    Newsfeed Posting Permissions (1.7.2)

    Want to restrict who has access to post on the Newsfeed? Head to your Club Details! Under 18s do not have access to write on the Newsfeed. If you want to put further restrictions in place, you will be able to limit access to Club Admins Only, Committee Members Only, or Captains, Managers/Committee!

    Further Updates

    • New Product Seasons - Changing over to the new 2018/2019 season? Set up New Products for the new season to keep account records up to date each year!

    • New Club Fixtures Layout - Players now have access to a New Club Fixtures Layout so they can see all Club Fixtures taking place each weekend and can go along and support!
    • Admins can add Single Members - Add a Single Member option on the Member’s Center so you can now import a contact but not immediately send an invite!
    • Contact Filters - You can now filter your Contacts Tab by Age, sort by Name/Date Joined and choose whether to view Guardians/Invited members.
    • New Custom Notification Option - Send a Custom Notification to members prompting them to complete the Club Registration Form or update their current information.
    • Member Notes (Admin only) - Admins now have the ability to write notes in the Members Center by clicking on a Member and a Notes Section will appear on their profile.

    Is there a feature you and your club think would be helpful? Please feel free to email support@teamo.chat or fill out a feedback form.

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