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Posted on April 30th 2019 by Susan Graham

April 2019 - What's New?

Take a look at the latest features and updates to teamo this month:

Select Multiple Players At Once

Select Multiple

You are now able to move multiple players betweeen teams to aid Team Selection with the Selection Manager.
With the option to turn on the Multiple & Move button, you can then simply tap through the players you wish to select and confirm that you want to move them to the Team Sheet in one go. Take a look at the video to find out how it works here.

Tickets Overview in the Payments Center

Tickets Overview

The Club Treasurer is now able to view an Overview of all Ticketed Events (Training Fees & Social Events) in the Payment's Center.
It's never been easier to keep track on your club's money. With the Overview, you can see a full list of events from throughout the year, along with how much has been collected and how much is still outstanding. You can also click into events and View Attendees and see exactly who has Paid and remind those who have not yet Paid.

Further Updates

  • Guardian Answer Required (Registration Forms) - You can choose to mark a registration question as Guardian Answer Required. This means that even if the U18 has access to their account, they will not be able to fill in the question themselves - a parent/guardian is the only person able to complete the question.
  • New Login Option - For members who do not have a Social Network to login into Teamo on Web, we now have the option to Login via a Sportplan Account.
  • User IDs on Exported Reports -You are now able to generate and view unique ID numbers for your members when exporting your database.

Is there a feature you and your club think would be helpful? Please feel free to email support@teamo.chat or fill out a feedback form.

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