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Posted on September 7th 2021 by Ben Bruce-Smith

How Teamo can help your university sports team!

With university sports looking to be back up and running after a stagnated season last year, now is a great time to start preparing your University and their clubs for a return to normal for the upcoming season.

For players new and returning there may still be some uncertainty, so having the season planned out from the start is going to benefit all associated with the clubs. That's where teamo comes in.

How Teamo can help:

Preseason & Trials

With your team's preseason training events, you can ensure all existing members can access the relevant information needed to attend these sessions. This will also allow you to see who is attending and provide the right resources for each session. For new students looking to trial for the club, similar events can be used to make sure you run these crucial events efficiently.


Can't get everyone to preseason? Why not set up a virtual one and use Teamo to challenge all members of the club to get fit and ready for the upcoming season? Find out more about Fitleague here


Social events can easily be set up in the app and allows club secretaries to manage events that are both paid for by memberships or events put on at an additional cost. Guests can easily be added to help create a real buzz around your club this season.

Social Media

Create a community feel with the club's newsfeed in the app and share all your results with the various sections of the club. Create a strong link with your other Social Media platforms and engage with members across these channels too.


Set up specific membership packages and match day fees to meet your club's needs. Send out reminders to those with outstanding payments to ensure that you don't miss payments again.


Keep in touch with all club members through instant messaging functions that are GDPR compliant, as well as broadcast chats and teamo mail.

Track and Trace

Make your club a safe place to play and help to prevent COVID-19 related delays to your season. It is easy to set up with a customisable QR code and the ability to generate reports of who has checked in at your venue. .

Take a look at Sportplan

Your club may have student coaches stepping in to help out with some training sessions. You may want to help them get ready for the new season with a Sportplan club package, proving them with hundreds of drills, games and session plans.

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