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Posted on Febraury 23rd 2021 by Susan Graham

Top Tech Tools for Running your Sports Club

Managing a sports club can be a very rewarding role, but it comes with it's challenges. Here, we provide some of the best tech tools out there to help ease your workload and make running your sports club a little easier.

Collect payments with Stripe & GoCardless

Many sports clubs still collect money in different ways - cash, BACS, direct debit - and the struggle of getting membership fees collected on time is a nightmare.

With online payment providers such as Stripe and GoCardless, issues with managing your payments and where they come from can be a thing of the past. Players can settle their memberships, match fees, training and social fees in just one tap. Both of these payment providers are quick and easy to set up and provide the highest available level of security. An online dashboard provides an overview of all payments collected, along with when the money will then be paid out to the club.

Manage memberships with Teamo

With an all-in-one club management system, you can significantly reduce the burden involved with running your sports club. Online platforms provide numerous advantages and you can access the information you need whether you are at home or on the go:

  • All information is automatically logged upon registration - no need to transfer data from paper copies to spreadsheets
  • Accurate, live data that members can update anytime, anywhere
  • Safe, secure database and GDPR compliant
  • Instant communication
  • Record player attendance

An online membership system, such as Teamo, also integrates with Stripe & GoCardless to allow you to securely collect online payments. This is not only beneficial for the club treasurer who can track all payments in one place and increase revenue from no more missed payments, but also for players who can make payments in one tap and receive a receipt of payment straight away.

Improve coaching with Sportplan

Looking for inspiration for your next coaching session? Then Sportplan is a great place to find sport specific video drills to share with your players. For rugby specific training videos, take a look at RugbyCoachingTV. Players are constantly looking for new ways to keep themselves active and sharpen up their skills, especially juniors - point your players in the direction of EvoRugby for specific skill training.

Share documents with Google Drive

Easily and securely store, share and collaborate on files and folders with Google Drive. this incorporates Google Docs, Sheets and Slides so everytime you create one of these files, it is automatically saved on your Drive. It's great for sharing committee meeting notes, keeping track of the club budget or sharing images for social media.

Use Canva for Social Media and Marketing Tools

Whether you are looking to build weekly upcoming matches or results templates for social media, or create a flyer to help spread the word and encourage people to join your club, Canva is the tool for you. With easy to use editing and design tools, Canva allows you to create professional looking content in minutes free of charge!

Ask for feedback with Typeform

Gathering feedback from your members is important, especially at the end of a season when you can review the previous year and look to build and grow on this ahead of the new season. You can easily send out a survey using Typeform to collect anonymous feedback on all aspects of the club - performance, coaching, socials, finances. It's quick, easy and free!

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