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Posted on July 25th 2019 by Susan Graham

How The Top Hockey Clubs Are Managing Their Members

As the new season creeps up on hockey clubs across the UK, many volunteers are busy preparing for the 2019/2020 season. Registering club members, collecting memberships, communicating club news, distributing fixture calendars..the list is endless!

Teamo has become the platform of choice for numerous hockey clubs across the country to reduce admin tasks and save club money - Surbiton HC, Wimbledon HC, Teddington HC & Richmond HC, to name a few. Recently announced as an England Hockey Approved Provider of Club Management Software, teamo has become a leading team and club management platform for all sports across the UK.

With features to deal with all types of administration - Player Registration Forms, Membership & Match Fees Collection, Multi-Team Selection Management and much more - teamo also gives clubs their own professionally branded app. Member information and communication is managed on one secure, child-safe, GDPR compliant system which is available across all platforms - mobile, tablet & web.

"This season we collected more subs than ever before, despite lowering our prices!"

(Treasurer, Large UK Hockey Club)

Wimbledon Hockey Club

Entering their third season with teamo, Wimbledon Ladies & Mens, are now joined by the Junior section this season. teamo will help the Wimbledon committee to manage their 15+ teams and 500 junior members!

The best thing is being able to see availability for players across a whole squad. I can see if they have been selected for other teams before I pick mine.
(Elite Teams Manager, Wimbledon HC)

Surbiton Hockey Club

As the largest hockey club in the UK with over 1,500 members, membership management is a huge task for the volunteers at Surbiton HC! With multiple members to register and collect payments from, Surbiton are using teamo to deal with this challenging task. Looking to the season ahead, the Selection Manager is also going to be a helpful feature to deal with team selection.

Selection Manager is a game changer!
(Committee Member, Surbiton HC)

Horsham Hockey Club

Horsham HC are now commencing their thrid season with teamo. With the Junior/Parent feature, teamo ensures the Safeguarding of U18s and all children have a guardian connected to their account who can manage availability and they are included in all communications.

We have a large ladies section of 5 + teams and it has been so easy to manage multiple teams and gather team contacts in the one place!
(Ladies Club Captain, Horsham Hockey Club)

East Grinstead Hockey Club

East Grinstead have found teamo particularly useful for keeping track of player availability on a weekly basis for both matches and training throughout the season. Captains and manager are able to see who is available on their phone and select their teams for the weekend.

I haven't used anything like it before. It's so easy to use and a great idea. It's definitely made my life easier for communicating with my players each week.
(Member of East Grinstead HC)

Many hockey clubs across the UK are also using teamo to manage their clubs:

We have had Teamo for this season and well received by everyone and the support is excellent.
(Horwich Hockey Club)

Granite City Wanderers are also entering their second season using the app to manage 5+ teams. Their members think "the app is super" and the parents "love the guardian features!"

No matter the size of your team or club, there is still time to get set up ahead of the 2019/2020 season.

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