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Posted on March 18th 2020 by Susan Graham

Teamo Talks: Prompting Your Players

About Thurleigh Cricket Club

Thurleigh Cricket Club is located just north of Bedford, where they run two Saturday teams that play in the 1st and 4th division of the Four Counties League. Alongside this, they run a midweek team that plays in the Bedford Midweek league and an indoor team. This is their second season using teamo.

Why Teamo?

Teamo really is an all-in-one club management platform. Not only can you advertise social events but manage training sessions, team selection and of course keep track of payments. Thurleigh CC has benefited from all of the key features that teamo has to offer!

We were attracted to use Teamo as a way of keeping accurate lists of availability and payment all in the one place.
(Rob, Administrator)
We use Teamo to advertise all social events, manage numbers attending nets, for availability and team selection and then keeping records of match fees.
(Rob, Administrator)

Feature Focus: Collecting Payments

Keeping track of payments for crickets clubs like Thurleigh is crucial. Sport clubs can lose up to thousands of pounds each year due to unpaid payments. With teamo, players don't have an excuse to not pay their fees as payments can be made via the app using Stripe/GoCardless and cash or bank transfers can also be tracked so you can stop worrying about missing payments!

I think the most useful feature is the payments page. Players can pay on the app via Stripe in seconds, or you can tick players off when they pay cash. It then keeps records of what players owe and what for, which you can access easily. Much better than keeping lots of different lists for each game.
(Rob, Administrator)

Everyone needs an extra nudge now and again

Thurleigh Cricket Club have not only saved time chasing members around, but now, they not longer have to find and call players prompting them to confirm their availability. Instead, they can send a gentle reminder to those who need the extra nudge.

Teamo saves a lot of time sending out texts. Players can set their availability at any time and if they haven't replied, you can give them a nudge on the app very easily.
(Rob, Administrator)
Everyone values their free time and this helps to keep it.
(Rob, Administrator)

Recommending Teamo

There are always a few members who would rather stick to their old ways and that's okay! However, overall the amount of calling you have to do to chase up your players is far less than before!

I'd recommend Teamo to any Club, especially ones with multiple teams.
(Rob, Administrator)
Most members find it useful, they can set their availability quickly and easily. There are of course a couple who are rubbish at using it, but I'd rather text 2/3 people than 20/30 people.
(Rob, Administrator)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

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