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Posted on March 23rd 2018 by Susan Graham

teamoPay: How does it work? The details..

teamoPay: Here's how it works..

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Match fees
Managing team payments
Payment provider
Supported countries
Transaction fees
Why teamoPay

For Treasurers & Club admins:

Stop chasing players for subs and membership fees - let teamo do the work.
  • Receive club membership payments by card, direct to the club bank account
  • Track cash payments
  • Automatically chase players in debt

For team Captains/Managers:

Keep track of match fee payments all in one place with the tap of a button
  • Assign and collect Match Fees by credit/debit card
  • Track cash payments

For Players

No need to remember to bring cash/cheques to matches, pay in a tap from your phone.
  • Pay all match fees and memberships by card, in just a tap

Match fees

Match fees are associated with fixtures and can be assigned to selected players by a teamo manager/coach/captain/admin on or after the fixture date. The manager can also apply 'concessions' fees - eg discounted rates for a substitute or student player.

Once assigned, players receive a notification asking them to make the payment. Once card details are registered, these payments can be made in one tap much like Amazon's 'one click' payment feature.


Does your club collect subscription fees for the season? With teamo you can collect one off fees or regular instalments without needing to chase up your players. Admins/Managers can assign required memberships to individual teams within teamo.

Players will be notified in the app and asked to pay. Once the first payment has been set up, any future instalments will be paid automatically - no need to chase players!

Payments for training, socials, events and miscellaneous items.

Coming soon: Players will be able to pay in advance and secure a spot at events with limited places!

Managing team payments

Payment provider: Stripe

Payments are handled by our trusted payment partner 'Stripe'. Used by thousands of businesses worldwide, all payments processed by Stripe are PCI level 1 compliant - the highest available level of security.

Where can I use teamoPay?

teamoPay is currently available to use in all 21 'standard' countries supported by stripe. For a full & up to date list please visit: Stripe
'Preview' countries are not supported.

What is the cost?

Teamo is free to download and use. Card payments incur a small transaction cost:

European cards: Non-European cards
  • Stripe charge 1.4% + 20p per transaction
  • We add just 1% (min 5p) to cover our costs
  • Total: 2.4% + 20p per transaction
  • Stripe charge 2.9% + 20p per transaction
  • We add just 1% (min 5p) to cover our costs
  • Total: 3.9% + 20p per transaction

  • Why use teamoPay?

    • In the UK PayPal charge around 3.4%+ 20p
      - teamo UK transaction fees are just 2.4% + 20p
    • Additional team management tools will save you time & money
      - If we save you from losing just one �10 payment your transaction fees are covered for the whole team!
    • Track cash payments for free

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