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Posted on October 31st 2018 by Susan Graham

The Game Changer For Collecting Money From Your Team

Weekly payments for your sports team or group can add up - a few missed payments here and there, and suddenly you've ended up forking out an extra £40! Too late to ask your teammates for the money? Not sure who has paid and who hasn't?

Well, here's how teamo can help you stay on top of the payments on a weekly basis and make sure you don't end up out of pocket!

Stay In Control

A simple overview for each week makes it easier to see who has and who hasn't paid. Events are date ordered and have a Collected and Outstanding amount which you can see at a glance.

By tapping on an event, you can easily see who has Paid and who is still Outstanding, all in one place! Everyone's accountable- it's all there in black and white, to ensure you're not the one forking out the extra money every week.

Go Paperless

When your teammates pay in the app through our secure payment partner, Stripe, their payment status is automatically updated! No need to have a pen and paper checklist- they will automatically become marked as Paid. Still have that one person who wants to pay by cash? No problem - they can pay you in cash and you can record the payment instantly in the app.

A Win-Win For All

Not only will teamo help make collecting money 10x easier, it is also so handy for your players! Gone are the days of excuses such as, "I have no change" or "I'll bring it next week" - nobody wants to be carrying around spare change. Instead, players can now make the payment on their mobile in one tap! It's as easy as online shopping!

No More Awkward Messages...

No-one likes having to message their teammate to awkwardly ask them to pay that £3 training fee.

Now, you can blame it on the app for reminding the players to pay! Tap on a player's name to Prompt for Payment and teamo can send them a pre-written message (you can edit it if you would like the message to be more urgent!) and this will gently remind them that they have an Outstanding Fee to pay.

"Shall We Just Split It?"

It comes to the end of the season and you have the dreaded task of collecting money for the team meal - a deposit is required or even worse, you need to sort it out at the end of night! Now it's easy- setup the Social on teamo and collect the money in the app before you go. It's much easier than marking off who has Paid against your bank statement and it also saves any fuss on the night, meaning you can relax and enjoy the event!

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