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Posted on January 7th 2020 by Jessie Hood

Teamo Talks: Managing Player Availability and Selection

About Sutton & Epsom WRFC

The women of Sutton & Epsom Ladies RFC are on top of their game as the Ladies 1st XI have just won the league for the second year running, resulting in promotion to Championship 2. Their development side provides the perfect learning space for new players, and they are also the only standalone club in the South East covering a full spectrum of Youth Girls Squads filtering into their two ladies teams!

Sutton & Epsom Ladies has over 70 players registered and with 2 teams playing regularly, the old way of asking individuals if they are free and then having to sift through group chats for relevant messages would be almost impossible! Teamo has saved an awful lot of time in this respect and is worth using just for this fact alone!
(Nick Harris, Head Coach)

Why Teamo?

With the club constantly growing and gaining new members, it was important for the club to maintain communication about fixtures and training sessions with both old and new players, instead of using group chats. Now, they have an easier way of collecting availability and making sure players are aware of fixture and training dates!

Teamo offered us a way to have our training and match schedule for the entire season available, not only for players to mark their availability at their earliest convenience, but also to keep important dates in everyone's diaries.
(Nick Harris, Head Coach)

Increasing Productivity of Training Sessions

Sutton & Epsom struggled with organising their teams as it took up a large amount of volunteers' personal time. Therefore, being able to collect availability not only for games, but also for training sessions, has enabled the coaches to tailor their training sessions and increase the productivity of the sessions.

Overall the app has helped organise the team, give the coaches an easier outlet for planning team sheets and fixtures, and cut down admin time enormously for all those involved with managing the team.
(Nick Harris, Head Coach)

Recommending Teamo

Clubs like Sutton & Epsom WRFC are all managed and run by volunteers who dedicate a lot of their time to their teams and clubs. It is important that they do not spend precious hours doing administrative work and instead focus on the performance of their players and the growth of the sport.

I would highly recommend Teamo to other clubs, especially those that are managed and run by volunteers who don't have hours and hours each week to spend running their teams. The support team is efficient and friendly and clearly come from a team-sport background. I can see us delving further into the features Teamo has to offer and it becoming central to the management of our team.
(Nick Harris, Head Coach)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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