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Posted on 4th March 2020 by Susan Graham

Teamo Talks: Managing a School Sports Community of 500+

About Springwood High School

The Springwood Sport and PE section inspires their pupils for life long participation while educating them about the benefits of sport and exercise. They offer activities before, during and after school 5 days a week for every year group. This is their second year using teamo to manage their 33 different age group teams and over 580 pupils and their guardians registered!

Why Teamo?

Springwood is one of the many schools using teamo as we aim to make the lives of PE teachers easier, along with thousands of other volunteers. With Springwood having 6 different year groups and a variety of sports on offer it makes it easier for them to manage availability for training, fixtures and even events such as trips and tours!

It wasn't something we had considered as a school, but appealed when I read about what it offers. Anything that can make our job as teachers easier is always a bonus.
(Mr Donovan, Administrator)
It's used for fixtures and training mainly, and the odd event or trip.
(Mr Donovan, Administrator)

Keeping Guardians In The Loop

Safeguarding of under 18's is a priority for teamo, we enable every child to be connected to a parent or guardian on the app meaning the guardian is constantly being updated on any new fixtures, changes or important information.

The ability to keep parents in the loop and pupils informed has been great. Pupils no longer need to come to the office to find out fixtures, instead, they can log straight on.
(Mr Donovan, Administrator)

Teachers Perspective

It is not only the guardians that they need to be kept up to date with information. With teamo, teachers can keep each other in the loop without even communicating to one another! When creating fixtures and training sessions for their pupils, teachers can see what other events have been booked without causing any issues or double booking drama.

From a teacher point of view it allows us to choose and adapt teams without having to tell each individual pupil. Equally, we can book in fixtures without double booking within the department.
(Mr Donovan, Administrator)

Recommending Teamo

Implementing a management platform to a whole school sports section is no easy feat as it needs to be approved by more then just the students, guardians and the teachers but by the school board as well. With teamo, we have proved with both our safeguarding tools and array of features every school could benefit from using teamo!

We have recommended it to other schools within our trust. If it can help and save us time, it would work for them also. Parents and pupils have been very positive when we decided to use the app as it allows them to stay informed and talk directly to the staff.
(Mr Donovan, Administrator)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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