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Posted on November 26th 2020 by Joe Chomet

PlaySafe: Returning To Sport Safely and Securely

As sport gets underway up and down the country, clubs will need an easy and efficient way to keep their members safe, and to comply with the necessary track and trace protocols. Teamo's PlaySafe feature allows clubs to do just that! The entirely GDPR compliant system enables all players, spectators and social members using their facilities to protect themselves and the wider community.

We used the COVID tracker at the weekend and it was a success so from us all here at CFC many thanks for making our lives so much easier!
(Claydon Football Club)

Easy QR check-in at venues

PlaySafe enables members and visitors to check-in to a venue or location by simply scanning a QR code with their phone camera. Check-ins will work regardless of whether they have the Teamo app or not. With the ability to create multiple QR-posters for different locations, it is easy to record who is playing in a particular session or who is visiting a specific location. Spectators and guardians can also check in to ensure all visitors are included in any necessary reporting.

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Members can also quickly check-in to events via their app if they forget to scan the QR code or if your club decides not to use one.

Alton HC have used the Teamo PlaySafe function since its inception. I am confident that had we not moved onto the platform we would not have been able to get hockey up and running in time for the start of the season. All players, parents and spectators find the ease of checking in at the venue or before the session so simple, it has become (almost) second nature.
(Matthew Steven, Alton Hockey Club)

That is amazing!! It was very easy and worked really well
(Sally Bradley, Chichester Hockey Club)

Upon check-in, any member or visitor to your facilities will be asked to complete a COVID-19 symptom-free declaration and will not be able to check-in without confirming this.

Safe and simple desktop management

All this information is accessible to managers, admins or Covid officers in the Teamo PlaySafe area of our desktop site.

You can view who checked into your facilities and easily access their securely stored details to contact them if necessary. PlaySafe check-in data is stored securely for 21 days, as per UK guidelines - the period of which a COVID-19 outbreak will be traced to activities linked to the club - thereafter, it will be permanently deleted. All information stored is GDPR compliant and is only used to comply with COVID-19 protocol.

We have had to actually use the functionality within the club to identify some players who were exposed to an infectious person. The process was very simple and allowed us to easily identify those who were at risk and advise them as per EH guidelines.
Matthew Steven, Alton Hockey Club)

Export check-in information to feedback to your NGB

PlaySafe allows you to export and download the PlaySafe reports to send directly to NGB's and relevant government departments. With all check-in details recorded in one place, it is easy to simply download.

Had we had to set up a manual process for letting people sign-in to a session and then to manually update from whatever database and send to EH would have been a significant overhead. Enforcing the checking in procedure would have been very time consuming too. Not to mention the potential for falling foul of the privacy regulations around keeping data for short periods of time.
(Matthew Steven, Alton Hockey Club)

Limit the amount of available spaces at training

With most NGBs now placing limits on the numbers allowed at training, we have added a feature which allows you to set a limit on the amount of spaces available within a training session. Once the training session is full, the event will become closed and no-one else will be able to click "Going".

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