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Posted on January 26th 2021 by Joe Chomet

Member's Center Update: Download Database

Teamo's registration form builder allows you to design a personalised and professional registration form for your club members to complete when they sign up. This allows your club to have all the necessary information to run smoothly and safely. Now, admins and managers can easily download this information into a simple spreadsheet.

What's the new update?

With this new feature, admins and managers now have the option to download all the information from the registration form, or be selective and only download the information they require using the Download Wizard.

How to download the information

To download the registration form information head to the Member's Center on desktop and choose Download from the right hand side menu. This will open a pop up to check you have consent to download the info, then you can choose to Download Current View (the basic profile information) or Download Wizard (only the desired fields).

Find out more

For more information on how to use the Download Wizard, head to the Member's Center section in the Teamo Help Center.

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