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Posted on January 16th 2019 by Susan Graham

The Top Team Management Tool For Your Netball Team

Are you a captain of a social netball team or a manager of a large netball organisation running multiple teams?

Whether you are a team of 7 or a club with 100+ members, teamo has all the relevant tools to help every netball volunteer, no matter the size or age of the group you are managing.

Read on to find out more about the "all-in-one management" system helping netball teams and clubs across the UK to reduce their admin tasks, manage their money, and solve communication problems, whilst keeping inline with GDPR guidelines.

Reduce Admin, Save Time

Our goal at teamo is to support the volunteers who give up a huge amount of their time organising and managing their team. teamo allows you to spend less time on logistics and more time focusing on what matters - your team. The app can be set up in minutes, including your club's logo and colours to make the app your own.

It has made the management of the club more efficient and less time consuming than if we used email, and reduced paperwork considerably.
(Nottingham Based Netball Club)
I have recommended this app to friends, and they are now using it for their clubs!
(Wealden Netball Club, Kent)

Manage Availability & Selection

Teamo makes managing a team straight forward - all fixtures can be imported at the start of the season, so players can view the full Calendar and enter availability for the entire season!

My players love how easy it is to say they can play and the fact that all the information clearly available, means they don’t have to wait for a group message regarding times etc.
(South Ribble Netball Club, Lancashire)

With the ability to add details such as venue, court number, start time, meet time & umpire details, it ensures that no information is missed and everyone can check the event details at any point as it is all in the one place! You can also keep a note of all your results and player stats in the app too, so everyone can look back over previous results at the end of the season.

East London Netball Club, Leyton, have been using teamo to manage their 7 netball squads and are using a whole host of teamo features to help their club management:

I really love the app and these features are lifesavers!
(Leyton Netball, East London)

Keep On Top Of Team Payments

Teamo ensures you don't end up out of pocket. A few missed payments here and there can add up, but teamo allows you to stay on top of payments and easily track who has paid and who still has to cough up!

Players can make one tap payments in the app with our secure payment partner, Stripe, or you can record cash payments! Find out about collecting team payments here.

Safe & Secure

Teamo ensures that all of their clubs are GDPR compliant and adhere to Safeguarding rules for Under 18s. Through the Parent/Guardian System, all U18s are required to connect a Guardian who can communicate and respond on the child's behalf, as well as being CC'd into all communication the child receives/sends - a crucial feature for Junior Teams & Clubs.

We know they respond well to the app and one parent was quoted saying "love the app by the way
(Nottingham Based Netball Club)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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