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Posted on February 26th 2020 by Jessie Hood

Teamo Talks: Match Day Tools

About London Academicals Ladies F.C

London Academicals Ladies Football Club was formed in 2006 to give female footballers a positive environment in which to compete and enjoy the sport. They believe football does not have to be just about results and at the foremost of everything needs to be the enjoyment of those involved with the club. Whilst progression for the club as a whole and its players is important, it will not be pursued at the expense of fun.

Why Teamo?

When managing large teams it's hard to not get all caught up in repetitive and time consuming administrative duties. London Academicals were looking for a team management platform that enabled them to focus more on the retention and availability of their players to make their lives a lot more easier.

We are a big team with a lot of players but the availability varies a lot from game to game. So, we thought it would make it easier for us to keep track of that by using the app and so that everyone knows when and where we are playing each week.
(Laura, Committee Member)
It has saved us a lot of time because it does not require us to ask every individual person if they can make it to every game and training. It just makes it all easier.
(Laura, Committee Member)

Never Get Lost Again

With the London Academicals the most commonly used feature that they use is the Calendar. Some of the tools used alongside the Calendar are the live weather reports and maps. This means than teams will not miss a single detail as teamo gives quick links to Apple, Google and Waze maps so players have no excuse of being late again!

The calendar feature is the most useful one to see the upcoming games. Also, the fact that you can add the address as well and look it up is very useful too.
(Laura, Committee Member)

Recommending Teamo

London Academicals are not just about results, they want their members to have fun and enjoy being apart of the club without being hassled but hundreds of team chats. Teamo therefore allows managers to efficiently manage and update players on important information including match times or location changes etc.

I would recommend it to other clubs because it helps players know important information about the game (location and time) and it helps managers know who can play.
(Laura, Committee Member)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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