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Posted on December 17th 2020 by Joe Chomet

Keeping Fit At Christmas

The shortened daylights hours and the dropping temperatures, accompanied by over the top Christmas dinners, boxes of Celebrations and family fun, can often cause us to lose motivation to keep working out and stay fit over the festive season. However, by following a few of our simple tips, you can stay on track and head into the new year feeling great, whilst still enjoying that Christmas pudding and brandy butter whilst dad falls asleep on the sofa during the Queen's speech.

Set yourself targets

Christmas can be a difficult time to keep momentum, so you may need to gain motivation by setting yourself some realistic, but meaningful goals. What you set as goals entirely depends on what you want to achieve over the break. For some, it may be a case of setting bite-sized goals, such as doing 3 runs or workouts each week to work off that extra mince pie. For others, you may be looking to hit a new 5km or 10 km personal best time whilst your sports team takes a break from team together. Having a goal will help keep you focused and make sure you keep pushing yourself.

Friendly competition

Setting up some light competition with your teammates, family or friends is a sure fire way to keep yourself and each other accountable to stay on top of your fitness goals. Why not make the most of Teamo's newest feature, FitLeague! FitLeague promotes friendly competition between teammates and clubmates by allowing you to track individual progress, share your physical activity with the team, and compete with each other for steps and active minutes to crown a winner at the end of each week. You could even set up a Fitleague with your family or your housemates.

If you and your team really enjoy running or cycling, and want to get even more competitive, you could use fitness apps such as Strava and set up a virtual running or cycling club, setting each other different challenges each week.

Walk and Talk

Staying fit doesn't necessarily mean just working out and going on long runs. Grab some warm layers, a flask and a family member or friend, and get yourselves outside for a long walk. Use this time to explore a new park or walking route and get some fresh air whilst having a good catch up with loved ones.

If you've already spent enough time with your Covid Christmas bubble, why not call someone you haven't spoken to in a while and reconnect. Alternatively, if you'd like some alone time, you could download a podcast or listen to your favourite playlist to make the most of your time in the fresh air.

Exercise 'snacks'

UK guidelines recommend that adults do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week. This equates to about 21 minutes a day. If you struggle to find time in the day to fit in a full workout or a cardio session, you could easily find three 7 minute breaks in your day to fit these 21 minutes of exercise in. These exercise 'snacks' have been shown to improve brain function, increase mood, promote fat loss and increase metabolism.

You could use all kinds of body weight exercises such as push-ups, burpees and planks etc. If you struggle for ideas for workouts with no equipment try using apps such as Freeletics or the Nike App for some inspiration.

Prioritise your Exercise

Getting up to do your exercise early in the morning whilst everyone is still sleeping is a great way to start the day giving you a boost of endorphins. It's also an easy way to avoid the comments of "Oh come on! It's Christmas...".

So there you go, five simple tips to help you on your way to start the new year ready to hit the ground running!

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