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Posted on August 2nd 2019 by Susan Graham

The Top Software To Manage Your Junior Section

The role of a junior team coach is so much more than delivering a session once a week or encouraging players on the touchline at Sunday morning matches. The time spent on the logistics of organising matches and training adds up for volunteers but fortunately, software is out there to take the burden of communicating with parents and managing your junior players out of your already busy hands.

Teamo is helping hundreds of junior team volunteer coaches to reduce the time spent on admin tasks so they can spend more time focusing on the hugely rewarding aspect of coaching and seeing their team progress. The team management platform is designed with coaches, players and parents in mind, meaning you can ditch the spreadsheets & group messages.

"We parents loved it so much last year, that we talked our new coach in to continuing it. Great to have all info in one place & up to date"

(5 Star App Review)

Effective Communication

You send dozens of emails, texts and Facebook messages asking for availability on a weekly basis. It then comes to game day and you have to ring round the parents on a Sunday morning to let them know the game is cancelled as the weather disrupts yet again.

Rather than relying on group text/emails, you can notify parents of game updates and cancellations in one tap. The app sends out reminders, and even includes a map to show parents how to get to the match location, meaning your players should never arrive late to the game! Although there is always one -

"It's handy to be able to message and call the coach from the app as well, especially if we are running late!"

Emergency Contact Details In Your Pocket

Teamo puts every player's medical information and emergency contact information in the coach's pocket. Too often, this information is on file in someone's house or on a spreadsheet which no-one can access pitchside. Teamo allows coaches to access vital information in an emergency in seconds. With the ability to gather Parental Consent and Declarations too, teamo removes the need for paper forms and all registration information can be completed via teamo.

Planning & Preparation

Parents can easily manage the whole family's sporting schedule. In a touch of a button, parents can let the coach know which training sessions and matches their child can make.

"It's a real time saver, having everything in one place saves me from checking the club website and searching my inbox."

With the ability to view who is planning to attend training at a glance, you can plan your session for the expected numbers.

Record Keeping

Do you stand with a bit of a paper and pen marking players as they arrive to training? Then the page blows away half way through the session and you lose your record of who attended?

Mark player's attendance on your app in seconds, regardless of whether they have entered their availability status prior to the event. Teamo automatically creates an Attendance Overview which includes % attended throughout the season and you can look back at specific dates attendance in a glance.

If you rotate your team each week to ensure everyone gets a game, keep an eye on % availability and % selected for the team, meaning no-one misses out.

Safeguarding Children

With connected Parents/Guardians automatically CC'd into all chats, teamo is fully child safe and parents/coaches can communicate in a safe & secure environment. Teamo even tells the coach the relationship between the guardian and the player so there is never any confusion!

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