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Posted on December 11th 2019 by Susan Graham

Teamo Talks: Stumped? Hit Admin For Six

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About Hursley Park Cricket Club

With 4 Saturday teams, 2 Ladies teams, and a large Colts section, Hursley Park Cricket Club certainly have a lot of members to manage! The Hampshire based club adopted teamo in January 2019, and after a very successful first season, are now entering their second season using teamo.

We've had unlimited success with Teamo in our first season of using it and are waiting in anticipation of Teamo 2.0 which we hope will make the app even better than it currently is.
(Ian Wells, Team Manager)

Why Teamo

HPCC were looking for a team management platform to get rid of spreadsheets and collect payments more efficiently at the club. They reviewed other platforms on the market but decided to go with teamo as it had the most features that they were looking for, especially payment collection.

It's certainly helped us make money. We've been able to confidently and demonstrably collect more subs that we have ever done in previous seasons including match fees.
(Ian Wells, Team Manager)

What The Players Think

The amount of features teamo provides to clubs is endless. The players at HPCC have found it very useful for paying their fees, marking availability, as well as the lack of advertising compared to other sport management platforms.

Not being blasted with advertisement is also a key feature of the Teamo platform and something that makes you feel like you're using a sports team platform rather than someone else's digital advertising platform.
(Ian Wells, Team Manager)

Recommending Teamo

Along with the many features that teamo offers, the customer support given to the club is first class. This helped the club to commit fully to the app, and led to many teamo recommendations to other clubs in the area.

We have already recommended to 2 other clubs one rugby and one football both of them taking on Teamo and using it efficiently and effectively to manage their club.
(Ian Wells, Team Manager)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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