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Posted on March 12th 2020 by Susan Graham

Feature Focus: Track Player Attendance

Keeping track of player attendance at training can come in handy when making tough selection decisions. It is also important for many junior teams to keep track of U18 players for safeguarding and collection purposes.

Our attendance register allows coaches and managers to track player attendance on their phone whilst on the pitch, and automtically turns the attendance data into a report which can be shared with other coaches or captains.

No more paper registers

Mark your player's attendance at each training session using the in app register and never have to worry about the paper blowing away at training or your pen not working as the rain lashes down. The register includes all players within a squad regardless of whether they have marked their availability before the session. Tap your attending players in seconds during the warm up and crack on with training.

The in-app register saves me so much time! I used to make a note of every player attending week in week out, whereas now all the names are there and I just need to tap - a real time saver!
(Coach, Brancaster CC)

Identify trends for selection

The Attendance Reports for each team allow you to take a look at a quick overview on mobile and desktop of who has attended training week on week.

I can identify trends from training and easily see the ones have been committed and are worthy of selection, and chase the ones who have been slacking!
(Team Captain, Bath Abbey NC)

Individual Availability/Attendance Overview

All the information you need when it comes to selecting your team! This feature offers team managers and captains a simple overview of any players' availability/attendance and selection for the last 3 and next 3 weeks.

Full reports at a glance

Do you need to share your attendance report with the selection committee? No problem - the reports can be easily downloaded to PDF/Excel and shared or printed for your selection meeting. With key statistics including figures such as total training sessions attended & percentage attended, it's easy to view overall attendance for each player and make vital decisions.

All 4 team captains sit down every Wednesday after training to select players so the Attendance Reports are a great help to us.
(Team Captain, Cornish Casuals)

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