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Posted on May 13th 2020 by Jessie Hood

Feature Focus: Preparing For The New Season

The off season is a great time to start focusing on clearing out your club database and start getting organised before the new season starts. Teamo has a variety of features that enables you to get one step ahead before the season resumes, meaning no more last minute preparations.

Archive your previous season

With teamo, one of the main season features includes archiving the previous seasons. This means that it will transfer all members details into the new season meaning that they do not have to re-register to the club again for the new season. All previous season products will be copied over into the new season. You will still be able to view the previous seasons payments, fixtures etc. Get in touch with us via Support Chat or email and we can archive your season.

Move your junior members to the next age group

There is a Team Migration Tool which enables club administrators and managers to move multiple players into a new squad in preparation for the new season. This is particularly useful for a junior section if they are moving up age groups. To learn more about how to use this feature, check out our Help Center here.

This tool is a lifesaver! I have saved so much time by just migrating players into their new teams as opposed to chasing them up and doing it one by one.
(Louise, Northern Nets Manager)

Know who is returning for the new season

Do you want to know who is returning for the new season without having to chase each individual member? The season opt-in feature allows members to confirm they wish to be a part of the club for the upcoming season. This means that you can remove any non-returners, ensuring that your database is up to date. Want to see how you can set this up? Click here...

Confirming that I wanted to opt-in for the new season for my club was so simple and easy and saved all the hassle and paperwork of new registration forms
(Adam, Welsh Cygnets Player)

Ask for updated information

Do you have some questions on your custom club registration form that you want your members to update, such as Emergency Contact Details or Declarations? Get in contact with us via Support Chat or email and we can mark specific questions that you would like the member to answer once they open their app again.

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