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Posted on January 31st 2020 by Susan Graham

Feature Focus: Managing Match Fees

Weekly payments for your sports team can add up - a few missed payments here and there, and suddenly you've ended up forking out an extra £40! Too late to ask your teammates for the money? Not sure who has paid and who hasn't?

This is where teamo can help you. We introduced match fees in May 2017 to help our teams and clubs collect fees and it has been a resounding success. Read on to find out more and make sure you don't end up out of pocket!

Since switching to Teamo we haven't missed a payment
(Team Captain, Chichester HC)

Fast, repeat payments

Players can make payments in one-tap using the app through one of your secure payment providers, Stripe or GoCardless. Fed up of hearing excuses such as, "I have no change" or "I'll bring it next week" - nobody wants to be carrying around spare change and with teamo, making payments is as easy as online shopping. Card details are remembered, making recurring payments easy week on week.

Payments are made with a click so there is no excuse for not paying as it is so easy.
(Treasurer, Haslemere HC)

Instant reporting

When a payment is made on teamo, the payment status is automatically updated in a simple overview so you can see who has and hasn't paid at a glance. No need to have a pen and paper checklist. Still have that one person who wants to pay by cash? No problem - they can pay you in cash and you can record the payment instantly in the app.

A lot of players would go under the radar and get away without paying a few match fees over the course of the season which meant the club lost out on quite a bit of money.
(Team Captain, Walton Heath)

Know who owes what

Do you have different fees depending on the type of membership a player has purchased? If so, it's easy to assign the correct fee to players as you can see the type of membership product and status when assigning fees. Once you have assigned it once, it will remember the next time, meaning you only have to change it the first time. This is the same for concessions too.

No more chasing

No-one likes having to constantly nag their teammate to pay their £10 match fee. With Teamo, we do the nagging for you! Automated notifications prompting players to pay are sent as soon as fees are assigned to a fixture. There are also pre-written prompts you can ping to the few who need an extra nudge.

If the money wasn't collected at the game, then it was unlikely to ever be collected. By changing to Teamo, this season, we can follow up on those players who serially don't pay.
(Team Captain, Walton Heath)

Save money

Members not paying on time, or in some cases not at all, means a loss of money for your team or club. If teamo can help prevent you losing just one £10 payment, your fee is covered more than 20 times over! This leaves you to get on with the sport rather than wasting time on administration tasks!

We look forward to seeing this years accounts to see how much we have saved in our first year of teamo.
(Treasurer, Haslemere HC)

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