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Posted on March 31st 2020 by Susan Graham

Feature Focus: Safely Communicate with Juniors

With sport temporarily on hold for many countries, coaches are looking for a safe and secure way to communicate with their junior players at this time.

As a fully child safe and GDPR compliant platform, Teamo provides the perfect platform for coaches to effectively communicate with their junior players. Read on to find out more about what Teamo can do and how it can help you communicate with your junior players in a safe and secure manner.

The ability to keep parents in the loop and pupils informed has been great. Pupils can log straight on.
(Mr Donovan, Springwood HS Teacher)

Parents are automatically copied into all chats

To ensure child protection, all under 18s are required to have at least one parent or guardian connected to their account, giving them full access to their child's account. Even if the junior has their own mobile phone and access to the app, connected family members will have the same full access to the app making sure they are kept in the loop at all times. Any individual, group or team chat created with a junior will automatically copy in the linked parents/guardians. Coaches will also be able to view the relationship between parents and guardians (e.g. Mother of Jamie) to ensure there isn't any confusion.

The app based interaction for parents and guardians is great and all in a single place for them to access.
(Junior Chairperson, Oxted HC)

Encourage juniors to communicate

Rather than sending out communication in an email to parents and having no engagement with the players, teamo allows two-way communication between the coaches and juniors. If the children have their own app, players can reply directly to coaches. This gives peace of mind to coaches as they can view who has read their messages/watched any videos they have sent and answer any of the children's questions. This also encourages the children to give their own input, creating a trusting environment and opening up a discussion amongst their peers.

Parents and pupils have been very positive when we decided to use the app as it allows them to stay informed and talk directly to the staff.
(Mr Donovan, Springwood HS Teacher)

Ability to report misconduct immediately

In any chat, all participants have the ability to report the chat to the club admin (whoever set up the team) and Teamo support, who will receive a copy of the chat along with the reason for reporting it. This ensures that any misconduct does not go unnoticed and is addressed by the relevant coach or team manager.

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