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Posted on April 29th 2020 by Susan Graham

Feature Focus: Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast messaging provides the perfect way to save time and effort by sending a message to many in just a few taps. The broadcast feature lets you send messages out to multiple people without having to create a group chat in the first place and doesn't give people the chance to respond to everyone, meaning no more giant message threads or endless notifications.

Start sending broadcasts to targeted teams, groups, and sections and only the sender will receive private & personal responses.

Broadcast messages are great. They provide the perfect mix of the immediacy of sending a message to many with the efficacy of a one-to-one conversation.
(Joe, SPH Football Team Captain)

Deliver important messages

Too often, urgent messages are lost in group chats amongst the general chit-chat. With broadcast messaging, you can deliver important messages to all recipients individually. Unlike group chats, recipients will view the message as an individual message from the sender. The sender's chats will not be filled as the broadcast will not appear unless you already have a chat with the individual or the recipient replies to them.

Target key groups securely

Another difference between group chats and broadcasts is that members are not able to view other people in the same Broadcast List, making it far more private and secure. Maybe you need to send information to all members in the Ladies & Men's section? By simply ticking those two club sections, all 300 members will receive the broadcast but will a group chat with 300+ people will not be created. Only admins, team captains and managers are able to send broadcasts.

A great new feature! Before, I would look at my phone and have 40 unread messages in a group chat but now I just receive the one important message.
(Jane, Southern Stars Player)

Boost relevant response rates

Broadcast messages are good to send when replies are not required to go back to the whole group. For example, a survey would be the perfect communication to send via a broadcast as you can get a response privately. To keep the chats private and personal, all the replies will be restricted to the broadcaster only and no one else will receive a reply to the message except the one who has sent it.

Send an email copy

You may need to send important messages with links to a members via email as well as to their app. With teamo, you can send broadcasts to the recipients apps, and also choose to send a copy to their email meaning there is no chance of your message being missed!

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