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Posted on 11th March 2020 by Jessie Hood

Teamo Talks: Integrating An Online Club Management Platform

About Didasko Ladies Netball Club

Didasko Netball Club is a growing club, with just under 100 members. They welcome any new players, of any ability and have a number of teams ranging from High 5 netball for Under 10s & Under 11s to senior level netball. They also run a Back to Netball session for those looking at getting back into netball in a fun, relaxed environment. This is their first season with teamo!

Going Digital

Keeping everything digital not only saves time but produces accurate and live data of players availabilities, instant communication and keeps players up to date on any changes to fixtures. Teamo is a safe and secure platform with all members information in one place and it can easily be accessed at any time!

Teamo is an easy digital way to track player availabilities in one app for three different teams.
(Ingrid, Administrator)
We also use it for selecting teams, selecting positions & team chats. We also share the selected teams each week via the app.
(Ingrid, Administrator)

The Ultimate Time Saver

Volunteers spend endless hours managing their sports club however, Didasko Netball believes that integrating teamo into their club has cut their time completing administrative tasks significantly.

Teamo has saved us a lot of time! It is easy as an administrator to view the three teams availabilities in addition to who will be attending training sessions rather than asking individuals on a weekly basis over WhatsApp or face-to-face.
(Ingrid, Administrator)
The members enjoy using Teamo as it's an easy way to update their availability if they change. The team selection is also a great feature to see who has been chosen to play in what position.
(Ingrid, Administrator)

Getting more from teamo

Not all clubs and teams use all of the features teamo has got to offer and some would rather stick to their preferred ways which is totally cool! We pride ourselves on making the lives of our volunteers easier no matter what feature they use.

It is a great way to store and view information!
(Ingrid, Administrator)
We do not use payments, as a club we collect upfront cash payments at the beginning of the season
(Ingrid, Administrator)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

Download teamo and get in touch with the Support Team!


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