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Posted on April 16th 2020 by Susan Graham

Delivering Virtual Classes At Home

With gyms and studios closed across the country, the fitness industry has been forced to move online. Fitness instructors have become creative and are delivering classes to their clients in new ways. Virtual classes provide an opportunity for people to connect in a class situation and offer a sense of community and a shared goal rather than feeling isolated. Your members will still be able to participate in the classes they love whilst seeing some familiar faces, all from the comfort of their own home.

A West Sussex based fitness, health & wellbeing company, New Moi, is one of the many fitness companies who are adapting to meet the new demand for online classes, and have therefore set up their online booking system on Teamo.

New Moi, founded by Janet Hanspal, offers a variety of classes, from Piyo to Vinyasa Yoga to Legs, Bums & Tums. All classes can be booked via the Teamo app and the classes are then streamed via Zoom*. Janet now has 60+ of her clients on Teamo signing up to various classes and making online payments. Read on to find out how our Teamo features can help you create your online booking system and get started today.

*Zoom is a free online video conferencing application which you can use to host your online fitness classes. Zoom is easy to set up and can be used on mobile, tablet or laptop making it accessible for all.

Setting up Teamo was a very easy option for both myself and for my clients to use. It has been very easy and quick to update, keep clients updated with class reminders etc, and to monitor payments.
(Janet Hanspal, New Moi Founder)

Online Timetable

The calendar within Teamo allows you to post your timetable for your upcoming classes. By posting your class dates and times in advance, it gives clients a chance to plan their days and weeks accordingly. If for any reason, your numbers are short for a certain class, you can easily edit the time or inform members that a class has been postponed. The clients are also enjoying using the teamo app:

Having been introduced to a whole new way of accessing my fitness classes online, the Teamo app has helped with the ease of booking, paying and accessing the classes. It has been a very easy product to use and has made the process very user friendly from a client's point of view.
(New Moi Class Member)

Collect Online Payments

With the ability to attach payments to your classes, it has never been easier for your clients to pay and book onto classes. When booking onto a class, they will be able to view the cost of the class fee and simply have to tap Book and enter their card details. Card details will be remembered once they have entered them once, so for subsequent classes they just need to tap Book! Once paid, your list of participants will automatically update and you will have a Live list of who is attending the class and who has paid. With a list of collected and outstanding payments for each class, it is very easy to view who has/has not paid and you are able to chase any missing payments in a couple of taps.

Once the payments were set up on Teamo, along with Stripe, it has been very easy for clients to pay. Once they register their details it takes one click to book a class making it very user friendly. I too have had no admin from my end chasing or collecting payments as all payments are transferred directly into my bank account.
(Janet Hanspal, New Moi Founder)

No Class Size Limits

Virtual classes are brilliant as you are not restricted by gym/hall size restrictions! Zoom allows you to host up to 100 participants in a video meeting. However, if you would prefer to keep it smaller, you can set up a limit on teamo and your classes will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Answer Any Questions

If your clients have any queries about the booking system, are unsure about a certain move in your class, or would simply like to have a chat, they can do this directly in the app via Chats. You can also create group chats with all class members to keep everyone connected and up to date with upcoming classes.

Share Your Video Meeting Link

You can easily send the video meeting link for your class to those who have signed up and paid for the class using Broadcast Messages. This means that only those who have paid for the class will be sent the video meeting link to join you. The link will be sent to a your client's app and also to their email so it can be easily accessed, whatever device they are using!

Going forward with my virtual fitness business in the future, I would definitely continue to use this system and will be recommending it to my colleagues in the fitness industry.
(Janet Hanspal, New Moi Founder)

To get started and take your fitness classes online today, please click here and follow our simple 5 step guide to set up your online booking system.

As ever, please get in touch if you have any questions or would like some help to getting started.

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