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Posted on January 22nd 2020 by Jessie Hood

Teamo Talks: Running School Hockey Teams

About Carrickfergus Academy

Carrickfergus Academy is a primary school based in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland. They are currently using teamo to manage their Junior Hockey section at the school with over 90 members currently using the app.

Why Teamo?

Carrickfergus Academy chose teamo as it allows the parents to get involved with the Junior/Guardian Feature meaning that any U18 has to be connected with a guardian on teamo. The reason why they chose an app was because no matter the location of the admin they can manage the teams from the school or on the go!

The fact it was an app that can be used to manage junior teams with parents involved as well. Also being a split site school choosing this app means I can get information to players no matter where I am.
(Miss Harrison, Head of Sport)

Feature Focus: Selection and Attendance Register

Especially for schools there can be a variety of different years and age groups to manage therefore, by having them all on one app teachers can monitor and track attendance and also allows the students to take responsibility. By having the teams sheets all on the app means that teacher's don't waste paper or money on printing the team lists out.

The Fixtures / training section- It's great to get the details of matches and training as soon as they are organised. This helps players to know what games are coming up or if there are changes to training times.
(Miss Harrison, Head of Sport)

Recommending Teamo

As a school it is crucial that teachers and head of sports communicate with their student's parents. One of the main communication tools Carrickfergus uses is the chat feature that has enabled teachers to be more efficient and save time!

The entire app. A great way to keep players , parents, coaches and officials up to date with training and matches. I would communicate frequently with players and parents. This mainly happens on the chat function.
(Miss Harrison, Head of Sport)
It has helped save significant amounts of time. I would have previously spent 20-30 minutes everyday writing team sheets and constructing posts of match results. This can all be done on the app in seconds.
(Miss Harrison, Head of Sport)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

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